Synq pulls the center of gravity directly down, which forces the user into the optimal setup position, resulting in more control and stability, which leads to higher, straighter, and farther shots. 
Shipping & Refund Information

SYNQ is currently in a pre-order with fulfillment beginning Summer 2024.

During Pre-order period, all deposits are fully refundable.


Proper foot alignment is essential for optimal performance and injury prevention. It ensures accurate weight distribution for power generation and enhances agility, stability, and movement efficiency during various game actions.


Centering your gravity is vital to maintain balance, stability, and power. A centered gravity not only enhances swing control and consistency but also improves your agility, speed, and maneuverability, crucial for effective skills.


Connection is paramount in sports as it ensures coordination and fluidity in movements. A strong connection between body parts enhances coordination for precise movements.

Every cut. Every detail.


Athlete Designed

Master the athletic postition and dominate every movement with precision and power.

Built to last

Our team of researchers spent hours finding the best materials for each element of Synq, ensuring a long-lasting quality.